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One of the consistent challenges faced by advisors everywhere is a need to differentiate in a sea of sameness when meeting with prospective clients. While the wealth management industry has come around to the notion that comprehensive planning is the main source of value provided by advisors, the proposal tools being used by advisors are almost always investment proposals.

If advisors are trying to convey the value of planning to a prospect, they struggle between two options. One is to “give away the store” to someone who is not yet a client by spending considerable amounts of time creating comprehensive plans for prospects. The other option is to talk in generalities (“holistic, goal-based…”) that end up sounding just like every other wealth management competitor.

The Planning 360 Tool solves this problem by showing prospects specifically how you will help them if they become a client and the time frame during which various strategies will be implemented. There are more than 150 planning strategies built into the tool and the advisor just chooses (from drop-down menus) the relevant issues/strategies for each particular prospect. It only takes about 15 minutes to generate the report.

Wealth Planning Proposal

Prospect Report:

Charles is interested in getting financial help, but doesn't know anyone he can trust to work towards his goals. Using this Planning 360 Tool prospect report, an advisor is able to communicate Charles' needs succinctly and professionally.

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In an environment of robo-advisors and fee compression, a big challenge for you as an advisor is to be able to substantiate your value to existing clients. We all know that comprehensive planning involves all sorts of ways in which we help clients, but unfortunately clients often forget what we’ve done for them. Other times, they are not even aware of these things in the first place.

The Planning 360 Tool provides you a quick and efficient way to show clients all of the different ways in which you have helped them. Using intuitive drop down menus organized by planning topic (i.e., retirement planning, trust and estate planning, investments, etc.), you just select the specific strategies that are relevant for that particular client.

Within less than 20 minutes, you’ll have a report that clearly and succinctly summarizes all of the various tangible ways in which you are advising them. It also functions as an implementation guide that provides a color-coded status for each topic (green = completed, yellow = ongoing, red = high priority 'to-do', gray = low priority 'to-do').

Wealth Planning Review

Client Report:

Susan wants to review her financial goals and keep a pulse on areas to focus on each year. Using this Planning 360 Tool client report, her advisor is able to update Susan's financial status according to their goal-setting conversations.

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The price of the Planning 360 Tool is $149/month which provides all of the aforementioned functionality including the Wealth Planning Proposal (for prospects) and Wealth Planning Review (for clients).

If you have more than five advisors, planners, and/or support staff at your firm who would be using the tool, please contact us to discuss different pricing options for your firm.


Get a demo today and see for yourself. The creator of this tool, Advisor Solutions 360, is a practice management consulting firm with decades of experience in wealth management. Drawing from the best practices and challenges of hundreds of advisors and planners, this software was created by advisors for advisors. It is built to address a real need in the industry. We’d love to help you better understand why the tool was created, how to position within your current practice, and train you and your team on how to use it. Just click here to request a free demo and consultation.